Barter policy

With the desire to bring satisfaction to customers when buying goods, we have regulations in case you want to change or return goods; to ensure that the products you buy are the products that are most satisfactory.

In case of returning goods or exchanging goods:

  • The goods are not of the right type and design as customers order.
  • Not enough quantity, not enough set as in the order.
  • The external situation affected such as packaging tearing, peeling, breakage …
  • Goods are defective, not qualified as not operating, objective damage within the warranty scope of suppliers, manufacturers …

The case cannot be exchanged or returned:

  • Resend the goods incorrectly, not the products of Nhat Tien Thanh Company.
  • Violation of manufacturer’s use regulations, product protection.
  • Returned goods that have errors arising from the shipping process from where the customer came.
  • Products that have been used for more than 1 month, after 1 month, the product will be entitled to the warranty of the product.

For more information about the policy of return and exchange, please contact: Phone: 08 29 225 250 ext 100


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